Hair Tutorial: Twisted

 I'm in a wedding this weekend, and we're all wearing our hair up, so I thought I would try something new.
 I didn't even do a hair trial for my own wedding, what kind of bride was I?! 

This tutorial is very simple, and a pretty way to wear your hair up in just a few minutes!

What you'll need: 
Bobby pins {of course!}
1-2 hair ties 
 Volumizing hairspray.

I began with my hair is light waves, you'll want some body in it. 

Split your hair in half, and secure the bottom half into a ponytail. Pin your top half up with a clip for now.
Loop your ponytail in a knot at the base of your neck. 
{You can roll from the bottom up, or use another hair tie like I did.}

Now take a section of that top half and twist. 
Once it's twisted, loosen the twist by tugging on the strand to loosen and look fuller.
 Then, cross that strand over your knot and secure with a bobby pin. Tuck in the loose end.

 Do the same thing on the opposite side. Remember to tuck in those ends!
 If you have short hair, you won't have to tuck in as much.

Repeat the process until you've used the whole top half! 
I split my hair down the middle, so I only had four large sections of hair to twist and cross. 
Tug, spray, and pin where needed and you're done!

Hope you enjoyed! Comment below if you have any questions!


WIWS: Recycle Challenge III

My challenge continued this week, pulling out some reeeally old items!
I took a Forever 21 striped top worn in this post and a Target neon yellow skirt I wore in this post to get my final outfit. I love this bright skirt! I found it on sale at Target, wore it to a jazz concert, and tossed it in my "donate pile". Considering that I'm wearing the skirt this week, you can see that I was going through that pile that is now heaping! 

Speaking of that "donate pile", I've gone back and forth on what to do with all those clothes. I've thought about dropping them off at Goodwill, I've thought about selling them online, and just never decided. So they followed me around to each room I lived in at my parent's (I have lived in all three extra bedrooms), I didn't get rid of them before I got married, so I still have them today! The bulges in that giant pink suitcase were starting to haunt me, so I decided to have a go at the local Crossroads Trading Company. I enjoy shopping there, but I've heard mixed reviews about trading with them. I took at least 30+ of my old "fall items" {what they're buying now} and how many of those items do you think they bought from me? THREE! While I'll continue to shop there, I probably won't try to sell there again. Aaaand all those clothes got stuffed back into the giant pink suitcase! Has anyone else ever tried trading there?

Hope you had a great weekend!
PS, I have a hair tutorial scheduled for this week so keep a look out!


Wearing: Forever 21 striped top, and Target neon yellow pencil skirt

WIWS: Recycle Challenge II

Continuing on my recycling challenge this week! This seemed like a no-brainer when I started, but let me tell ya, it's harder than it looks. This is only my second challenge, but it's really forcing me to think about what I haven't worn and what is wasting away in my closet. Sunday morning was a bit of a scramble because I didn't plan on Saturday night, so there were a couple outfit changes and I did my hair in the car on the way to church. I haven't had one of those mornings in awhile, and I haven't missed them! Ha! Thankfully, all turned out okay. 

I took my blush colored maxi skirt worn in this post, and my lace top worn at my bridal shower {picture shown in this post. Sisters, I'm sorry I cut your faces out!} to get my final outfit. 

Blush pleated maxi skirt: I have worn this skirt a few times, but for the majority of the time, I pass it up in my closet. I have the same skirt in emerald green, which is I usually save for Fall. This Spring/Summer I've really been attracted to blush pink and pastels, as you could probably tell if you saw these pictures.
Long sleeve lace top: Love this top, love lace! It's a little long on my short frame, so I usually wear it tucked in. 

Another recycling success for me this weekend!
Happy Monday! 


Wearing: Lace top and blush maxi both from TJ Maxx. Jeweled belt from Anthropologie.