Today's thoughts:
Ever since Labor Day, my brain can't seem to keep up with what day it is. All today today I thought it was Thursday only to come to and realize that today is in fact, Wednesday. {My husband thinks I'm losing my memory} I've spent my week job searching, wishing for rain, and taking care of things around the house. We've spent the last couple of weekends exploring our city and spending time with friends and family nearby. Life is beautifully simple and I can tell that summer is winding down and the holiday bustle is about to begin. For now I'm enjoying the quiet uninterrupted days until the next round of busyness picks up. 
Happy Wednesday! Because I do know what day it is, now. :) 


Wearing: TJ Maxx black tee & Urban Outfitters maxi skirt

Last Recycling Challenge

I'm playing a little catch up today, and posting my last recycling challenge from August! Every Sunday I made a conscious effort to mix and match items I have worn on my blog before. It was difficult, and sometimes downright annoying, but I'm so glad I finished! It will be nice to have more choices again. I missed one week, because time would just out of my control. Sometimes you have those days! 

This week {Or rather, last week}: I took this F21 blue dress and this Urban Outfitters floral cardigan for my final outfit. This dress is one of my favorites, it's easy, and so versatile. On colder days I wear it with tights and a cardigan, and as you can see, it's great for summer too! 

And now, I'll be glad to focus on the fall season before us and all the goodness it brings! You do realize that Christmas is almost here, right? Yeah, yeah, I'm one of those people. ;)


Wearing: F21 blue dress, Urban Outfitters cardi, Jessica Simpson (Macys) heels

Hair Tutorial: Twisted

 I'm in a wedding this weekend, and we're all wearing our hair up, so I thought I would try something new.
 I didn't even do a hair trial for my own wedding, what kind of bride was I?! 

This tutorial is very simple, and a pretty way to wear your hair up in just a few minutes!

What you'll need: 
Bobby pins {of course!}
1-2 hair ties 
 Volumizing hairspray.

I began with my hair is light waves, you'll want some body in it. 

Split your hair in half, and secure the bottom half into a ponytail. Pin your top half up with a clip for now.
Loop your ponytail in a knot at the base of your neck. 
{You can roll from the bottom up, or use another hair tie like I did.}

Now take a section of that top half and twist. 
Once it's twisted, loosen the twist by tugging on the strand to loosen and look fuller.
 Then, cross that strand over your knot and secure with a bobby pin. Tuck in the loose end.

 Do the same thing on the opposite side. Remember to tuck in those ends!
 If you have short hair, you won't have to tuck in as much.

Repeat the process until you've used the whole top half! 
I split my hair down the middle, so I only had four large sections of hair to twist and cross. 
Tug, spray, and pin where needed and you're done!

Hope you enjoyed! Comment below if you have any questions!