Last night Dustin and I headed out to have dinner at another couple's house. I made a peach cobbler from scratch, and stared everyone down as they ate it. To my knowledge, no ones stomach needs to be pumped so I think I did okay! My husband says he really enjoyed it, but he's supposed to say that isn't he? I really don't even know who I am anymore. Who is this domestic woman?! I made salsa the other day, too! That was the inner Mexican woman in me coming out. ;) I make sure to text my family pictures so that they know my household isn't starving like everyone thought it would. 

My floral skirt, which I LOVE and never wear, is from Old Navy a few years ago. Unfortunately they don't have anything similar that I've seen in stores or online. Thankfully, floral print is so popular at the moment, so it's not too difficult to get your hands on one. The length on this one is a little long on me, so I may have it shortened a couple inches at some point.  

Happy Wednesday!

Wearing: TJ Maxx tee, Old Navy skirt, Target sandals

My Wedding Day

I promised to share pictures from my wedding day, and today is the day!
Welcome to my wedding day! Our special day took place in Mountain View, Califonia at The Rengstorff House. They were so accommodating and the coordinators were so helpful. The setting was beautiful, I could not have asked for more!

WIWS: Two Lessons I Learned

Sunday outfits don't always turn out as I like them to. My planned outfit began with this green and black printed skirt with an ivory lace top. In my head it worked, but that plan crumbled, and on my way out the door I grabbed this grey ruffled button up. Now I know full well that I am ALWAYS uncomfortable in this shirt. Simply because, I can't button it comfortably. Shout out to all the full figured/curvy women out there! You know what I mean!I was constantly tugging and pulling all day, which made me very self conscious. 
All I could think about was changing into a t-shirt at the end of the day. 

Lessons learned this week:

1. If it doesn't fit, take it out of your closet. I kept this top in my closet because I think it's pretty. Since it really doesn't fit, I will be donating it to Goodwill or giving it away so someone else can use it. It also means that my closet needs a good cleaning to make sure I don't have any more pieces like this. I'm guilty of holding on to clothing for years because, "someday it will work".

2. Wear what is comfortable. My photographer sister always tells her clients to wear what they're comfortable in, because if they don't, it will show in their pictures. Sure did!!

What have you learned about your clothing habits? Have you ever had this problem?

Wearing: F21 skirt, French Connection Denim {TJ Maxx} button up, ALDO heels