WIWS: For the Birds

Lately I've been looking to rediscover old items in my closet. With social media at my fingertips, it's easy to try to, "keep up with the Joneses". There's always a new dress, the latest purse, or a new pair of shoes to be bought. By no means am I against shopping, it's one of my favorite pastimes! I love pretty new things, but sometimes I forget about what I have in my closet. 
And that's a whoooolle lot! A whole lot to be thankful for, too! 

This Sunday, I went back to my closet and  pulled out a shirt that I've only worn a couple times and a basic A-line skirt. Two items that I rarely wear, but two items that I really like. While this outfit is simple, I was comfortable and needed very little layering. Plus, I remembered how much I loved wearing this skirt!

The benefits of wearing old items/recycling your closet:
                                         - It allows you to step outside your fashion box and try new styles
                                         - It's budget friendly
                                         - You are less likely to run out of room in your closet since you are buying less!

So, I've decided that August will include some sort of recycling challenge.
{This girl is totally guilty of wearing something once and then never again!} Details to come!

Happy Monday!


Wearing: Old Navy top and skirt, thrifted purse, Zigi Soho heels (DSW)


Last night Dustin and I headed out to have dinner at another couple's house. I made a peach cobbler from scratch, and stared everyone down as they ate it. To my knowledge, no ones stomach needs to be pumped so I think I did okay! My husband says he really enjoyed it, but he's supposed to say that isn't he? I really don't even know who I am anymore. Who is this domestic woman?! I made salsa the other day, too! That was the inner Mexican woman in me coming out. ;) I make sure to text my family pictures so that they know my household isn't starving like everyone thought it would. 

My floral skirt, which I LOVE and never wear, is from Old Navy a few years ago. Unfortunately they don't have anything similar that I've seen in stores or online. Thankfully, floral print is so popular at the moment, so it's not too difficult to get your hands on one. The length on this one is a little long on me, so I may have it shortened a couple inches at some point.  

Happy Wednesday!

Wearing: TJ Maxx tee, Old Navy skirt, Target sandals

My Wedding Day

I promised to share pictures from my wedding day, and today is the day!
Welcome to my wedding day! Our special day took place in Mountain View, Califonia at The Rengstorff House. They were so accommodating and the coordinators were so helpful. The setting was beautiful, I could not have asked for more!