Have a Hat. Or Two.

Meet my twin sister.
The grey hat was $12 and the orange was $10

I don't wear hats very often, I somehow need muster up courage before I stick one on my head.
They are more of a bold move for me, it's all psychological.
But they're cute, right? Perfect for the fall and winter seasons!
lovelovelove my grey hat,  it's so feminine!
I've worn the orange one once, and it was only to hide my eyebrows turning unibrow.
Trying to take after my dad I guess. :) Jk, Dad. Maybe.

Both hats are from Target (the best place ever, btw).
I will be happy to live anywhere in the world that is near a Target.
Speaking of which, I'm sure I need something...I'll go on my lunch today.
I work 3 minutes away from a Target.
My poor bank account. Ah, well.

In other news:
Is everyone getting ready for Christmas?! I'm starting to stress over buying presents,
and I'm basically only buying for three people this year (bless the Lord).
My family "secretly" draws names. Yeah that works out great every year.
My boyfriend The Musician told me to buy him a pack of socks from Walmart.
1. Why.
2. What is a Walmart?

Happy Friday!
To my fellow college students, good luck on finals this coming week! 



  1. I have to def agree with you on the grey...looks gorgeous on you!!

  2. I like your blog! and your style. Thank you for posting about modest dressing! =) Oh, those hats look very good on you! Following you !!! ~Laura http://launoe.blogspot.com/

  3. Thank you, Lau! I am checking out your blog now! :) Happy weekend!

  4. I also work 3 mins from a Target and then the next one is only about 10 mins away. IVE been guilty of going to one on my break then the other after work. Lol oops. I learned they clearance stuff out at different times and carry different items.


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