Style Inspiration -- The blue skirt

Side note : My apologies for no Sunday post this week, I was traveling this Sunday. Bad beginnner blogger!! 

Anyway, here we go.

Pintrest is a wonderful site.
 Seriously. If you don't have a Pintrest, you need to get one.
 Bad fashion day = heading to Pintrest for ideas before going out in public.
So I was going through my style board, and apparently I have a thing for blue skirts.
These pictures were my inspiration.
See below:

Pretty sure I don't look as good as ^^^, my parents made me short. 
Such is life.
The outfit below is what I came up with:

The blue skirt is from my closet.
It's one of those skirts I refused to get rid of because I knew it would be good for something one day.
Good thing I don't throw anything away, right? Right!
The striped sweater is from Urban Outfitters. 
I chose this because it has texture and small details, rather than just wearing a plain cream top.

I added these three elements to my outfit:

I choose an orange belt for a little pop of color, it is from Forever 21.
Brown suede shoes are actually what I wore for my sister's wedding. 
She married some guy, I'm trying to remember his name......... :)
The shoes are from Newport News, and I love the ruffle in the back.

So that was my little project! What do you think? 

Happy Wednesday everyone! 


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