What I Wore Sunday

There was no post last Sunday because this is where I was:

I headed up north to surprise my boyfriend The Musician :) Mission accomplished.
Soo pretty much, blame him for no post. Okay? Okay.
But isn't he cute? 

Now, on to this week's post.
This is my, "I'm late, I need to be at church at 10:30, it's 10:29" outfit. 
I look like I'm going to the office. 
It was the kind of morning where I woke up late, with a sore throat and stuffy nose, 
had to wash my hair, wasn't feeling super energetic, ya get the picture?
But praise the Lord anyhow, I made it to church.
 And by George, we always have awesome times there.

So getting ready, I threw on my new shirt (that I love) and  my straight black skirt.
If you don't have just a basic straight black skirt, I don't know how you survive. 
This one was $20 and I'm pretty sure Target carries them 24/7, buy one today.
My hair was dried and curled in 10-15.
 Sometimes I amaze myself.
I rummaged through my closet for shoes that didn't contain the colors red or orange or black 
and slipped my dainty feet into the first ones I found.
Not matching is the new matching, ya'll.

Shirt is Vera Wang, from Kohl's. 
Skirt, Target. 
Purse, Steve Madden from TJ Maxx. 
Shoesies, Nine West.

Happy Monday!


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  1. BY GEORGE?!?! LOLOLOL! You've been dating Dust a long time. Obviously. :)


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