A Circus Inspiration

She looks like she's in the circus, right?
Or maybe she's the Mad Hatter. That seems more fitting.
Whatever she's is, she is awesome.

                                                     My inspiration:                                                  My outfit:

 I've  also had this yearning to wear my hair up high...I've dreamt about it twice y'all, had to make it happen.
I dream meaningful dreams.

Red shirt, TJ Maxx
Striped skirt, TJ Maxx (I think)
Purse, Charlotte Russe
Shoes, DSW
My blogging schedule has been so weird lately, and is about to get weirder.
School is starting back up and I'm not exactly certain how my schedule is going all pan out.
Am I odd because I'm excited that school is starting again? 
I really am, I'm looking forward to my classes and getting back into a routine.
Also, I love shopping for school supplies, it's pretty much my favorite part of school.
Boyfriend's classes started on Monday and I was a teensy bit jealous.
Disclaimer: This attitude will not remain throughout the semester.
The only problem I can think of (so far) is the whole getting up at 6am to be at school by 8.
The early morning and I aren't very good friends.
 There really is no reason to be up that early for school.
Unless it's for donuts.
But knowing me, I will wake up at 7:30 and fly to school...just livin' on the edge!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! :) It is Wednesday, right?



  1. I've just been inspired! I have the same skirt and a similar top. I love this look!!


  2. Adorable! And I love your hair like this! I wear my hair like this at least once a week because it is easy (lazy) and I get a ton of compliments on it. It's funny because it requires the least effort! It's great "school hair"!!! Good luck with your classes this semester, little adopted sis! ;)

  3. People are always amazed when I do this hairstyle too! "How did you DO that?!" Lol. Thank you, adopted sister!! :)


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