I Think I'm In Love

This is the Elie Saab 2012 Spring Collection shown in Paris, just a couple of days ago.
Are these dresses not beautiful?! I've only ever dreamed of owning a dress so pretty. 
They remind me of the old black and white films, 
when you'd watch Audrey or Katherine Hepburn go out for dinner and dancing with Cary Grant. 
I've always wanted to host a black-tie affair and wear something so elegant.
Modest, romantic, and refined. 
I was born in the wrong era, really.

Just wanted to share their beauty. You can see the entire collection here
Daydream to your heart's content.

 I would say I am glad it's Friday, but I was asked to cover a shift on Saturday. 
Such is life!
Have a great weekend!



  1. You are TOTALLY hijacking my mind! LOL I was just pinning/penning a blog post about modest wedding dresses and was totally going to include Elie Saab in my post!


  2. Lol How funny. Can't wait to read/see you post!


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