Ruche and MoMoMod

I'm sure you've heard of the popluar online store Ruche!
I am subscribed to their weekly email blasts, and I can always find something that I want need. :) 
I love love their line.
This week they sent out an email with the title, "Longer Length Hemlines"
Um, yes please!!
Spring is coming, and these skirts and dresses are perrrfect!


Click here for a direct link to their longer length items.

On a side note:
I (along with three other lovely ladies) will be guest posting on the blog MoMoMod!
MoMoMod is a blog about modern modesty, and I am such a big fan.
The other ladies will be posting about modest lifestyle, inspiration, and conversation.
I will be posting on modest hair and beauty tips/tricks, and I am really looking forward to  
 working with everyone!
So head over to MoMoMod to check it out!

I am beyond ready for the weekend. Happy happy Friday all!


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  1. I think I might die! Heading to check out Ruche's stuff now. Thanks for posting the link.

    Can't wait to read your posts on MoMoMod!


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