A Weekend Post

This past Saturday was my birthday! 

I had a very nice lunch with family, and as you can see, a thousand candles to blow out.
Forget the whole double chin in the picture okay? Thanks.

Sunday. Debuting hair that is actually done. Meaning, I spent more that ten minutes on it. :)
Sweater, Forever 21
Skirt, New York & Company
Purse, thrifted
Shoes, Payless. Ha!
Apparently California has decided to stay warm and sunny this winter (c'mon!),
hence the cream colored skirt that I usually save for the summer season.
 Lord, please send down the rain.
This week's outfit was so plain and simple,
consisting of little things that I've just picked up here and there.
Another New York & Company skirt that is perfect for multiple occasions.
This Sunday I wore it to church with
a green sweater, and silver ruffled shoes/purse.
I felt like some sort of giant mint candy all day, but bright and cheerful at the same time.
I guess that's what counts, huh?

Happy Monday! :)



  1. Your blog is super cute! Miss ya girlie! :)

  2. Emily! Thanks! Girl, I miss you! Hope all is well! :)


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