She's Gone Country

Floral top, Target
Striped skirt, Target
Boots, Ross
Purse, TJ Maxx
Look at them boots! Name that song! Hint: read this post's title. 
This outfit made me feel like I belonged on a farm. Because this is what I would wear on a farm. 
That's probably why I don't live on one, come to think of it. I would curl my hair, wear cute boots,
 and carry a purse. What is so wrong about that?! Camping would most likely be a similar situation.
 I remember taking a curling iron with me on a camping trip awhile back. I was in a trailer after all...
Well, today is Thursday. Thursday means this is my last day of school for the week. 
It also means Friday is acomin'. Friday means I will probably reward myself with a donut. 
Trying to be healthy and all. 
It *might* be a good thing that I never have cash on me,
 otherwise I would be at the donut shop all. the. time. This is the way to my heart, ask my boyfriend. 
He sometimes surprises me with donuts in the morning. He's sweet, I know! Sigh.
This weekend I plan on getting all dressed up and going out for a friend's birthday.
Heels and hair done, this is my happy place! 
Happy almost Friday!


PS: Less than a week until Valentine's Day! Any big plans? As a sign of celebration, I plan on wearing red/pink to school and work. Ohhh yeah. Tuesday is a dumb day for Valentines. Don't mind my venting, I am just bitter at those who have the day off. Ha! 

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