What I Wore Sunday

Top, Target brand, thrifted
Blue knit skirt, Target

Oversized watch, thrifted
Shoes, Aldo

Three Things About Sunday, Sort Of:

One: I have never cared for the paisley pattern.
I always always pass this pattern up when shopping! For no specific reason, it just isn't my favorite. I found this top at Goodwill for $5, brand new with the tags still on it. Goodwill usually gets loads of items from Target, so you can always keep an eye out for marked down prices there. Anyway, this top was modest and colorful, and I felt like a hippie wearing it. I should have parted my hair down the middle.

Two: Dreams interfere with reality.
So Sunday morning, I dreamt about a thousand dreams. My last dream was of me playing an $8,756.00 (seriously the actual price in my dream) eight string (?!) mandolin with a violin bow (?! again) at church allll dressed and ready. Imagine my surprise to wake up and find that I was still in bed in my pajamas. 
Thanks for that, subconscious! But hey, this girl played that mandolin like you wouldn't believe! 
I was very proud of me.  

Three: I wore my favorite heels today. Thank you, sunny day.
These heels have basically gotten me through the last two summers, that is how awesome they are.
 I can run, dance (HAHA), do cartwheels (haven't tried those since I was five...), and they pretty much go with everything. I first bought them because I needed a summer shoe, desperately. They were $45 and came in nude and black. Had I known how comfortable and how often I would be wearing them, I would have bought both pairs. But cheapo me didn't feel like spending $90+ at the time! Now, I say it would have been a good investment. I can always talk myself into these kind of things. 

On to another busy week! Hope you have a fabulous one!



  1. Very nice!!! Your shoes are gorgeous! Don't you love that blue skirt from Target???

  2. Thanks, girl! Yes I looooove it! I got the blue and the emerald colored skirt. They are PERFECT for Spring, and so comfortable. I didn't want to wait until they went on sale. Lol

  3. GAH! WHEN WAS THIS SKIRT AT TARGET?! Sigh. I bet I'm too tall to wear it anyway. Oh, and your dream? LOL A violin? An expensive one? Dream are s'funny!


  4. Seriously, when was that skirt at Target?! I love the color. And the shoes are really cute!

  5. They just arrived about a week and a half ago! You may be able to find them still! :)


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