What I Wore Sunday

Shirt, Chico's
Skirt, F21

Purse, TJ Maxx
Shoes, Steve Madden

   Let me just say, I am sooo in love with Kelly green right now.  Tell me you don't love this shade! Go ahead. I was so excited when I found this skirt a couple days ago. The one thing I didn't care for was the black elastic band on the waist. In my rush out the door, I grabbed a belt from an old dress and tied it around my waist to hide the elastic. Simple solution! It looked better before this picture. :)
   Needless to say, I'll basically be looking for any excuse to wear this skirt in the next couple weeks. When I find something I love, I tend to wear it as much as possible until I find another piece to wear out. I do the same thing with music. When I hear a song I like, expect to hear it blasting from  my room/car for three weeks. Ah. Did you have a good weekend? Would you believe I took three naps this weekend?! Who has time for that?! Me, apparently. This girl must have needed her sleep. Well, I am off to another rainy school and work day today! Fully rested, but not quite bright eyed and bushy tailed. None of that before nine o'clock! ;)

Happy Monday, and Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!
Have a lovely day with your sweetheart! 


PS:  Since I have a road trip this weekend, my next post this week will be on what I  consider            
        essentials when packing. Don't forget to check back, I want to know what yours are! 


  1. KELLY GREEN! WINNING! Yes, I love, love, love myself some Kelly green. I am going to dye a vintage dress Kelly green. I can't wait to see the results. I hope they are good! My boyfriend and I went to dinner on Saturday night and I wore a shirt JUST like the one you're wearing! After Kelly green? Melikey lace!


  2. Right?! Ahh!

    I can't wait to see your results, too! Sounds like it'll be fabulous!! :)

  3. Beautiful skirt!!!!! Great outfit!!!

  4. you are adorable! that color is beautiful.


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