What I Wore Sunday

Shirt, TJ Maxx
Skirt, thrifted
Belt, H&M

 Purse, TJ Maxx
Shoes, Newport News

After Sunday church. Aren't we sweet? :)

I spent this last weekend with Dustin, and it was grand! I stayed up until 5AM, ate too much, and had such a good time with friends. It is so nice to spend long weekends together after the beginning weeks of school and work madness. I reference school and work a lot. I just get used to that whole month break deal.

The purse I'm using is one of my Christmas gifts from Dustin. I found it, loved it, and asked everyone who was buying me gifts to get me this purse. I sent pictures, and prices, and all the information they needed. Kind of selfish, I know, but I couldn't resist. Just one of those things. I use it all-the-time, and I hope it lasts forever!

Well, as I write this I am still visiting so I'm going to go enjoy my last few hours here :) If you haven't seen the vintage inspired hair tutorial I posted on MoMoMod last Friday, you can see it here. A few different people let me know they are going to try it, so if you decide to as well, I want to see!! If you don't follow MoMoMod regularly, this is the time! Go check it out.

Happy Monday to all! If you have the day off for President's Day, enjoy it!



  1. You have such beautiful style!

  2. cute outfit, and oh please give us a 360 of the shoes!!!!!!!!

  3. Lau, thank you!

    Meagan, you may be able to see a better view of my shoes here . I wore them for my sister's wedding. :)


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