Hello, Again.

Well I feel sheepish. I'm sorry I have abandoned you, blog! They've just been those kind of days, ya know? To give you an idea, the highlight of my week was getting a new stapler at work. When it came in, I just kind of sat there for a minute and stared at it, then did a little happy dance. Really?! My previous staplers (pluralhave been stolen from my desk four consecutive times in the last week and a half, so this one is getting my name on it in big, bold lettering! Anyway, glad I could get that off of my chest. Thanks!

This happens to be the outfit I wore last Sunday, I just didn't get to post it. 
It was posted on my Facebook and Pintrest.

I was so happy to finally wear open toed shoes! 
These are from Target, I bought them for my trip to Fiji last summer.
And only wore them for a couple of hours while I was there. Ha!

Today, I am guest posting on MoMoMod, reviewing the glorious Halftee! Ever heard about it/seen it?
If not, it might be a good idea if you go check it out! They're great!

Are you following me on Pintrest? How about Twitter? 
Have an amazing weekend!



  1. Love this! I need to invest in some neutral open toed shoes for the summer for sure!

    <3 Kendra

  2. I've definitely worn them out since last year, they go with most outfits. Thanks Kendra!


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