Spring Wishes

Is anyone else tired of this rainy weather? I am the first person to rejoice when the winter rains finally arrive, but this season is just gettin' to me ya'll. I am so ready for Spring, and all the beauty that comes with it! I created my Spring Wish List, so keep-a-goin'!
Spring Picks
Here are a few things on my lookout list for this Spring:
1. A new bag. I have this gray suitcase of a purse that has lasted me a good 3+ years. Time for a replacement!

2. I love this button front dress! It is perfect for vintage inspired looks. Simple, yet lovely.

3. Lace, lace, I am in love with lace! So feminine! The blazer I listed isn't exactly what I am looking for, but you get the idea.

4. Mint green. Ah, YES. Anything and everything mint green. It is everywhere in Spring 2012 lines, and I need it! Need.

5.  I feel like I have been looking for a good gold watch for years. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. My sister has been calling me "cheapo" lately, this could explain the situation.

6. Rich colored maxi skirts to pair with belts and bright tops. Is there a better combination?

7. It's time to do a little spring cleaning in my shoe collection! And wearing open toed shoes means I need a pedicure. I need a pedicure every week. Maybe every few days, actually. Ah, well.

What is on your Spring wish list? Create your own! 
Hope you all have a good weekend! I plan on catching up with everything blogging, homework, and possibly going through my closet. I have suddenly realized that my closet is overflowing, and have ignored it long enough! Wish me luck! ;)


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