Sunday Color

Top, Old Navy
Belt, F21
Pencil skirt, Target

Other than lounging around the house, I'm doing my very best not to wear a whole lot of black when I'm out and about. Hence the burst of color worn in the pictures above. Oh, and those are birds on my shirt. Not ice cream on a stick, lollipops, or umbrellas
Because birds are much more dignified, I need to clarify. ;)

   I'm still trying to keep up with my 2012 Fashion Resolutions. (Amazing that I still remember!) This outfit falls under Resolution #1. I am proud to say that my I am experimenting with colors more and more. Spring is in the air folks! A year ago, I would have never worn this shirt/skirt color combination. Funny how your style evolves!

How was your weekend? Last Friday I found out that I'll be an aunt to nephew #2 (!!!!) this August and I am SO excited! A plus to this baby being a boy means I won't go broke buy him clothes. Were it a girl, prayers would be sent up everyday asking the Good Lord to refrain me from buying all things pretty and pink. Not to worry, nephew #2 will most definitely be spoiled!

   In other news, I am now halfway through the semester and Spring Break is next week. Amen. I also see a vacation in the near future as a reward to myself for no particular reason. That's always something to be happy about, right? I hope this brand new week is good to you!
Happy Monday, ya'll! 



  1. Bahahaha I've been wearing tons o'black and wrote a post about it, too! I'm preparing some colorfulness to get myself out of the winter doldrums.

  2. I'd blame in on the rain! It's been raining pretty regularly in the evening, and I wake up feeling uninspired! Lol.


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