When You Have Nothing to Wear

We've all been there. That moment you open up your closet doors, take one look and say, "I have nothing to wear!" And suddenly you're late to work or school, and flying out the door wearing a crummy outfit and longing for a personal stylist. C'mon, that's not just me, is it?!

How do you handle the getting ready process?


Plan your outfit the night before. Pick out an outfit, and sleep on it. Lay the outfit out before you get in bed and go straight to it in the morning. Done! I try to do this on Sundays especially, so I'm not spending two long, dreary hours getting ready for church. Mind you, this process does not always happen! But I at least try have an idea of what I'm wearing before I drift off into the land of slumber.

Accessorize. Belts, scarves, tights, watches, or a bright colored purse can add flavor to any outfit. Even if you're wearing all black, add your accessories and bam! You don't feel/look painted.

Pintrest inspiration. This is my go-to on those uninspiring days. Sometimes I go through my Fashion/Style board, and look for outfits that I can recreate. Or, if I've decided to wear a pink skirt, I'll look up pink skirts and see combinations people have put together! Easy shmeasy.

Recycle. Wear an old outfit that you love! Perhaps you could put a new twist on it, with different shoes or a new hairstyle.

Keep your closet organized. I am so. picky. when it comes to the organization of my closet, you can ask anyone that knows me well. All my skirts, tops, and dresses are kept together and color coded, all garments are facing the same direction, and all is buttoned and zipped. I've even tried to keep all my hangers the same color...that didn't last long. I love me an organized space!

What do you do to avoid hassle and frustration when getting ready? What tips can you give others (and me!)?



  1. Here's what I've been doing recently:
    I recently bought a dress form (aka mannequin) for the clothes I'm selling in my online store. As I was putting the clothes together to take pics, I realized that I could use the dress form to get my outfits ready the night before I wear them. SooooOoOoOoo, I've been (not consistently, but more than 5 times) putting my outfits together using the dress form. I start off with a skirt and build my way up from there. My finite mind loves it because it's playing dress up without having to take clothes on/off. Every now and then I'll play with some outfits, snap some pics with my phone, and in a pinch I'll find the photo and wear what I "created" several days ago.

  2. Lots of personal stylist/ shoppers put together a "look book" for their clients. When you have a free day set up a camera and tripod, play around with your clothes and make a few outfits for all the different activities you frequent. I like the post above about using a dress form, less mess and alot less exhausting. Go to the store after you take the pics. print them off and store in a binder, divided in sections by activities.

    --heatheranderson @ latterdaystyleblog.blogspot.com

  3. Chandra, I have a dress form! I asked for one for Christmas, and now all my scarves and hats are piled on it! Going to have to start putting it to better use.

    Heather, I've thought about making a look book before, it's just getting the time to get it all together! Fantastic idea though, I'd love to do it someday! Right now I just keep all the pictures of my outfits in a folder on my computer, and I sometimes refer back to those. Thanks for your comment! :)


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