Everything I'm wearing is thrifted, except my shoes (shown in a previous post). I found this green skirt last fall for $6 at Goodwill, and I've been waiting for all the rain to pass to break it out. So I pretty much decided to wear it when the wind was blowing at 75 mph for the majority of the day. My skirt and I definitely had our Marilyn Monroe moment several times, but I'm pretty sure the public just thought it was hilarious instead of sexy. After all these years, you'd think I would have learned my lesson. Such is life.

Did you see my latest hair tutorial over at MoMoMod? I showcased a sweet spring updo that takes 5 minutes tops! You can see the tutorial here. I haven't worked up the courage to do a vlog (video) yet, but maybe someday soon! I am deathly afraid of the sound of my voice on an actual recording. At my old workplace, I had to use an intercom to page employees and was SO annoyed with my own voice by the end of the day! Ha! Anyway, check back on MoMoMod this Friday for another hair tutorial!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week!



  1. I love this skirt! I want to find a way to incorporate emerald green into my wardrobe. Its a beautiful color!

  2. I would love to find a dark emerald dress/skirt to wear! Loving all shades of green right now!


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