What I Wore Easter Sunday

 I hope you all had an amazing Easter Sunday! After an wonderful church service, I had a very nice afternoon with friends and family in the park for a BBQ. It was a perfect, perfect day! Besides the allergies that almost killed me for three hours! Spring has definitely arrived. 
    For service this Sunday, I decided to break out my pastels! Looking back, I probably would have worn this a little differently, but oh well. Can't take back what ya wore, right? It worked out fine for the most part. 

Top, H&M
Skirt, Banana Republic
Shoes, Newport News

The lace top I'm wearing is from H&M, I found it on sale for $10. Again, I am so in love with lace! I need more for spring/summer! The skirt I'm wearing is from Banana Republic, and I believe it was $40 when it was purchased. Funny story, my dad bought this skirt for me when I was 13. Oh, the days when my parents bought my clothes for me. Those were the days. ;) I'm just happy I still fit into this, albeit a very large, size 2! I've considered getting rid of this skirt several times, simply because it rarely gets worn. But it is a comfortable fit, well made, and I love the draping. I'll probably keep it another ten years. Do you know anyone who keeps clothes as long as I do?! I'm beginning to amaze myself.
I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend and you have a fabulous Monday!



  1. Stef- I still have clothes from jr high and the beginning of high school. I'm now 22yrs old so I'm right there with ya in keeping clothes for a LONG time!! :)

    Amy Zellner

  2. Amy- crazy isn't it? Lol Apparently I'm still as tall as I was in my early teens.

    DonnaLyn- thank you!


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