What I Wore Sunday

My post is running a little late today! I wanted to post a quick recap of  my Sunday. I was up north visiting Dustin, and as always, it was so good to see him and his family! We had such a wonderful (and busy) day! The dress I'm wearing is H&M, from one of their collections last year. It's the kind of dress that leaves you feeling pretty/fresh all day, being so light and flowy. I do wish the neckline were different so that I didn't have to layer, I'm not a huge fan of the v-neck. Other than that, it is perfectly modest and comfortable enough to wear in warmer weather without suffering.

My pictures were taken Butte College (and no, it is not pronounced "butt". :) Funny name, I know), which is their community college. So big, so green, and so much wildlife! As much as I hate the fact that driving to Target takes longer than 10 minutes from anywhere, I love the beauty of the country. I walked through tall grass, dirt, and bugs, in heels people. My choice, and without complaint! I'm pretty sure this city girl deserves an award for communing with nature.

Have a great week!



  1. Love this dress! It looks vintage! :)

  2. I kind of feel like a hippie when I wear it! Lol thanks, Amber!

  3. you look nice, and that dress is soooooo vintage, loooooove it!!!!! it looks so comfortable and great for summer. and your nails look so cute to, did you paint them or anything???

  4. Thank you, Leah! Nails are natural, I don't have anything on them. :)

  5. one of the reasons I didnt get that dress was the v neck so hard to work with when you have a bit more their(lol ekkk tmi?) but I love the sleeves and the print. H&M sometimes does wonderful items and then major fails . love your blog momomod always recommends the best.

  6. @Austenlandgirl, I am right there with you! lol It is difficult, and finding a tank top to go underneath this was a drag. Agreed on H&M! Thanks for your comment!


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