Last Sunday

I didn't take any outfit pictures yesterday, so I thought I would post last week's outfit because I hadn't shared it yet. At least I think it was last might have been the week before. Who knows, my outfit pictures have all started to run together these days. Anyway, I especially loved this combo because it was so bright and I felt skinny. Definite plus right there, folks! I had been trying to wear this for weeks, and it finally seemed to work for me. This goes to show that patience and waking up on time works wonders. :)

Top, F21
Skirt, Old Navy
Shoes, Steve Madden at TJ Maxx

    As you can see, I've made some small changes to the format of my blog. My latest and greatest addition is my blog button (as seen on the right hand side). You may not laugh, because it's my first one. Teehee. If you are a blogger, feel free to grab it! I will probably make a couple more in a week or two. 
    My next few days will be spent preparing for my vacation to New York, New York! Eek! So anxious and excited to get away for a few days! Anyone have any tips or must-sees for NY? It is my first time going, so I would love to hear of them! 
Happy Monday! 



  1. Love this outfit! And love stalking your blog. :)

  2. love the outfit!! you look you always do. Love your blog.. definitely grabbing your button! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! I really appreciate it! :)


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