Thrifting Goodness

I had Saturday off this last weekend, so a couple girlfriends and I decided to head up to San Francisco and Berkeley for the afternoon to do some thrift store shopping. I found so many treasures that I can't wait to share! Overall it was a lovely day, so beautiful and successful for us all.


Before I left, I did a little thrifting research on Yelp for good reviews.
After shoppping, here are my top choices:

  • Mar's Vintage Thrift = amazing vintage heavenly goodness! Very clean and well organized.
  • Buffalo Exchange: new favorite!
  • Mission Thrift: a quirky and fun thrift store, also well organized. One of the best thrift stores I've been to.
  • Thrift Town: Two stories, and organized. Thorough digged required, but I did find a few things. I didn't find it to be the cleanest, though it is not terribly dirty.
Do you go thrifting? Please share any of your secrets! 
And if you live in the Bay Area, leave me your shopping suggestions in the comments! ;) 
Happy Wednesday


  1. platos closet in pleasant hill or pleasanton!!!:)

  2. Thank you! I will definitely have to check it out next time I'm in the area.


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