What I Wore Sunday

It has been awhile since the last What I Wore Sunday! Summer has been going non stop since the semester ended. And the next couple months feel like they're going to be just as busy! I love summer. Seriously.

Mint colored top, F21
Skirt, Target 

Summer allows me::
more hours at work (I would list that first. College student, yo.)
as many trips to see boyfriend as possible. 
beach days. My first trip of the summer was on Saturday night. Definitely need more of those.
finally finishing all my laundry. Praise the Lord. 
Deep cleaning my room. Haven't actually done this one yet, but it's definitely due.
to do heads of hair for an Urban Rose Photography shoot.
to wear pretty mint colored tops that remind me of Tiffany's. 

All good things, right? I think so. I hope you had a good weekend!



  1. Lovely outfit! I'm in love with mint green.

  2. Me too, Shari! Thank you!

  3. Omgggg where did you get those heels from! I LOVE them!!! Where do you think I could find some like those.. I've been wanting some forever!!


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