What I Wore Sunday

This Sunday I wore another one of my thrifted finds. 
The best thing about this dress? NO layering! 
Can you hear the hallelujah chorus?

 The length is perfect, the neckline is modest, and it. has. sleeves. 

Dress, thriftedc
Shoes, Target
Watch, thrifted

I paired the dress with some summer heels and was set. No pinning, no adjusting, I just slipped it on and voila! To my friend that found this dress first and didn't want it, I thank you. The only drawback is that I don't know the brand, the tag was completely cut off. It reminds me of a dress I saw at Target, but I can't be too sure. Oh well! I believe the price was around $10-15, I tend to grab things off the rack without looking at the price tag. It's a bad bad habit that I wouldn't suggest to anyone.

Happy Monday!



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