What I Wore Sunday

This Sunday I wore a dress that was given to me by a darling friend of mine. She is basically 10 feet tall, so the dress was a tad too short for her. Throwback: at age 11-12, we were both the height of 4'11". A decade later, I have grown a whole three inches! The moral of the story is, don't hang out with tall people.

Pros of the dress::
Color! I love the vibrant color.
No layering. We all know how much joy and happiness this brings me.
My mom says she had a dress just like it when she was my age.
Dress & purse, thrifted
The polyester material. I'm not a huge fan, but the dress didn't stick to me and it was perfect to wear on a very warm day.

Shoes, Nine West
Overall the dress is a win-win! I was glad the length worked on me, so thank you to my tall, darling friend.



  1. Love the dress!! Great blog :D I tried adding your button to my blog but it didn't work :(.


  2. I am in love with this dress and so jealous it's not mine!!

  3. @Diana thank you! I'll check out my blog button tonight when I'm off work. Very odd, I tested it when it was posted. Thanks!

    PS. Checked out your shop the other day! So many cute goodies! Keeping my eye out for something :)

    @Serena Don't we all need more like this? :)

  4. Hello! Are your shoes a recent purchase?

  5. @Kay I purchased these about 3 yrs ago.

  6. I LOVE the color! Super cute dress


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