When Simple Is Best

I see blogs dedicated to all types of accessories. Shoes, purses, jewelery, etc. Me? I'm not huge on accessories. I have a closet full of purses of all shapes and sizes. I have a shoe rack and a closet full of shoes. I have a collection of watches, and a drawer overflowing with belts. Do I make it a point to use them in posts? No.

 You'll notice that in a lot of my outfit posts, I wear the same shoes, the same watches, and very little accessories. When did I decide to invest all of my money into clothes, rather than an accessory that could make my outfit? (because we all know that the right purse or a pair of shoes can make or break an outfit!)  I'm almost positive this happened when I started working and going to school. On days when classes and working were both on my agenda, I needed quick and simple transition outifts (casual for one, dressy for the other). And so, I believe it must have been then that my love for all of my accessories bid me farewell.

    Part of me just likes to stay in my comfort zone and wear my favorite heels for the sake of comfort. I recently bought a pair of flats from DSW and they rarely come off of my feet. They're comfortable. I like to use the same purse because I've grown weary of switching out my contents everyday. I wear the same skinny belt because it's versatile and goes with most outfits. I wear the same watches; one is silver, the other is gold, they get rotated. Another part of me is just happy with a simple outfit. Less is more, maybe?

What does your personal style consist of? Do you stay in your comfort zone or
 are you one to take the risk and buy those little things to add to your closet?
What do you invest your money in when it comes to fashion?
 I would love to hear your thoughts!



  1. I feel you on this! My hubby bought me a beautiful engagment watch and another amazing one for our 4 year anniversary but I never remember to put one on! As for purses, with two kids they are more like totes for now. Just got the purse of my dreams for my bday and it is the only one I wear now, despite having a closet full! I think in fashion, simple is classy:) Another beautiful outfit! Wish I had your closet!!;)

  2. Love your simple look! Trust me, if it wasn't for my blog, I'd probably wear the same thing everyday! Sad, I know - lol. I figured that with a closet full of clothes, shoes, and purses and might as well make an effort to put them to good use :)


  3. can you do a tutuorial on how you pull your hair back with volume? lol i fail xD


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