Throwback Thursday

Introducing a new series on the blog today! I'm sure in your time browsing social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) you've seen or even participated in "Throwback Thursday". I love to see all the old black and whites that are posted. And I figured, hey, why not make it a blog series?

Here goes my first picture:

Me in a pink little peplum top.
 I didn't do my research for the background of the picture, but I want to say it was in a pile of my grandma's old pictures. With a peplum top and a floral skirt, I was obviously a stylin' child.

I'm going to have so much fun going through bins of old photos! I'm looking forward to seeing what memories I can dig up. What I'm not looking forward to sharing are my, "awkward stage" pictures. And oh boy, did I have an awkward stage, and yes, you will seem them! Ah! I'm very afraid to share my lack of fashion sense with you all. I'm sure I'll be sharing family photos with you as well.

Do you ever look through your old photos? If you share them on your social media site, be sure to leave a link!

I hope you're having a great week so far! 


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