What I Wore Sunday

This Sunday I decided to try a striped and pleated outfit. I've seen outfits with a similar concept earlier in Spring (see an example on my Pinterest from Kendi Everyday), so I thought I would squeeze in my version!
I bought this skirt a few weeks ago at Nordstrom Rack for $12 (isn't this blue to die for?!), and my shirt is thrifted.

And it just so happened that my tall, darling friend was wearing a very similar outfit.
Sweet, I know. 

Shoes, Nine West

In other news: I know I've been MIA this week, but the awful Fall semester has made it's presence known. Okay, it really isn't that awful. With the holiday weekend I still feel like I'm on summer break, but reality will hit tomorrow morning when I have to get up. I think this is the first Labor Day I've had off of work in a few years. Feels nice!

I hope you've had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! 


  1. I love your style! And I think it's really awesome how you have a blog dedicated to modest fashion; it's definitely refreshing!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day :)

  2. I'm glad that pleated skirts are more trendy among young girls. I used to get silly comments about how pleated skirts were only for grandmas. By the way your blog button worked now.

  3. @ Sariah thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by!

  4. @ Diana I used to be so afraid of pleats! And I'll admit, I had a fear of looking like a grandma lol

    Oh, great! I was missing one symbol last time! Ah!


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