Hair Tutorial: Spiral Curls

I originally posted this hair tutorial on MoMoMod a few months ago, and it's gotten a ton of hits! So I am re-posting it to my blog to answer any more questions readers may have. I am still receiving many questions, which is great! Ask way my dears! Here we go:

I use a Hot Tools 1" curling iron, which I highly recommend. This is honestly one of the best curling irons I've ever owned, and I've owned quite a few.

Take your barrel, and starting from the base of the iron, wrap (not twist) your hair downward and away from your face. This will create curls that frame your face. Do this on both sides so that the curls are facing the same direction on each side of your head.

Hold the curl for a few seconds, then release. It should look like something in the picture above.

How you section off your hair is your choice. Some prefer to curl the bottom layers first, and then the top. I prefer to curl one side, and then the other. I've used this method of curling on the thinnest and thickest of hair. We all win! ;)

When I am finished curling, I run my fingers through my hair to achieve a thicker, and fuller look. 

I use this method of curling quite often, and the curls last for most of the day, which is my end goal.

Happy curling ladies!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments! 



  1. So pretty! By the way I fixed my button link. It stopped showing up after a while.

  2. Thanks Diana! And I updated your button, thanks!

  3. question..i struggle with curling my you just wrap it around the barrel? Thanks

  4. Hi Rachel!

    Yes, start from your root, and curl downward in a spiral. Use whatever hairspray works best for your hair. I use Tresemee. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  5. Hi Stefanie!

    I just started following your blog a few months ago :) I had been looking for a fashion blog just like yours, so I was super excited when I found it. Thanks for this post, I tried the "do" and it worked nicely. Keep the posts coming :)


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