Pumpkin Adventures

Top, F21 Skirt, Lauren Jeans Co (Ralph Lauren)

Okay really, the pumpkin patch is much improved since I went as a kid. What happened to the simplicity of picking pumpkins and a train ride? My sister and I took my nephews to the land of pumpkins for the evening, and imagine my surprise to see a carousel, a hayride, snow cones, live music..shall I go on? If you need me I'll just be bitterly muttering in the corner. But I have always loved the tradition of the pumpkin patch. It reminds me of days with my childhood best friends and the afternoons we spent just being kids. Adult life doesn't allow much of those carefree days anymore, just change. Change, new experiences, and new adventures ahead. And I think I'm okay with that.I hope you had a great weekend!

Happy Monday!


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