A Pretty Week

Once again, we have come to Friday. Hallelujah, people! It's been a busy week for me.
Here's a peek::

I am thankful to go to school on a pretty campus. Lots of leaves, lots of trees, makes a pleasant place to be. 

If you are of age, I hope you voted. No matter the outcome, it is important that we do.
Plus, you get a sticker.
 C'mon guys. 

I found a letter on the ground at school. It is only rational that I put it back together, right? 

Sometimes, you just gotta treat yourself.
Treating myself only made me feel guilty, so I only ate four.
 I suck all the fun out of things sometimes.

In an attempt to avoid putting heat (curling iron/blow dryer) to my hair, I braided it before bed.
New favorite! 

I know I haven't posted much this week, but I promise I will have an outfit post up this weekend! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram:: @prettyisthis 


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