DIY: Gold Dipped Feathers

I've seen this project on Pinterest several times, and decided to go for it on my day off. This is my first real DIY project {albeit a small one}, and I love how it turned out! All my supplies were bought at Michael's, but I'm sure you can get them at any local craft store. It was a relatively cheap project, and I did buy more paint than I needed. 

Items needed: Metallic gold paint, gold glitter, and basic white feathers {I've seen it done with black feathers, also very cool!}. 

Begin by squeezing some paint into a cup for ease when dipping.
Dip the tip of your feather.
After dipping, brush the excess paint off of the feather with a paint brush. 
Once the feather looks as you please, sprinkle your gold glitter on and set to dry.
{Be careful! Glitter gets messy!}
Aaaand you're done! See? Simple, yet you create gorgeous gold dipped feathers! 
I can't wait to use these in my decor! They are too pretty to not be on display, don't you think?



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