Fashion Resolutions 2013

Last year I posted my 2012 Fashion Resolutions. Shall we see how well I did?

1. Wear more color. Check and check.
2. Mixing patterns. Sort of, not really. Do polka dot tights and an animal print scarf count?
3. Stay away from jean. Check. I bought one, possibly two jean skirts in 2012, both rarely worn.
4. Do more thrifting. Definitely check!
5. DIY projects. I can honestly say, I did zero. I tried once! Ha!

Well, 3/5 is pretty good, don't you think?

Here are five of my resolutions for 2013: (*images pinned on my Pinterest boards)

1. Step up my personal style. This year I just feel I could polish up a bit.
Nothing wrong with that, right?

2. Wear what's in my closet. How many times do I look at a closet FULL of clothes and not find something to wear? Don't we all do that? My boyfriend would be so proud of me right now.  

3. Glitterize. I know, that's not a word. Can I just add this as a resolution in general? It doesn't necessarily fall under the fashion/style categories. I have a new love for sparkle, and plan on using some of these tips this year. Sparkle FTW. And not in a tacky way, either.

3. Be bold. Sometimes I'll throw in a fancy twist to my outfit, and quickly become self conscious and throw that twist out. Why do I do that? Be creative, be bold. Modest doesn't mean boring. ;)

4. Dare I say this? Taking up sewing. Ah! What am I committing myself to? 
I feel I could add so much more to my personal style/closet were I to take up sewing.
And to design something! Oh, how lovely that would be.
*All survival tips and suggestions welcome.

What are your fashion resolutions for the year? Do tell!


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