Mannequin Series: Chapter 1

One year for Christmas, I asked for a mannequin. Ask and ye shall receive! Yes! I was so excited, I picked it out and everything. I didn't know what I wanted to do with it, I just knew I wanted one. These days, I use it to pile my many scarves and hats on. It's time to put it to use. My Mannequin Series will be a good tool for inspiration and for actually using the clothes in my closet (one of my fashion resolutions)! An outfit will be posted weekly, using items from my closet that have been shoved to the back. Feel free to request outfit ideas, needed inspiration, etc. 

 Chapter One: 


I am in love with my color blocked black/white skirt from F21, but have only worn it once. It really is a pretty skirt, I just don't care to wear it with a plain black top. I paired it with an orange cardigan from J Crew, and a scarf from Burlington Coat Factory.
 I call these my Cinderella shoes. 
They remind me of the princess's slippers, only gold, and with sparkles.

I hope you enjoyed this first part of the series! 
Have a fabulous weekend! 



  1. Great minds think alike????? I've been thinking of doing something similar on the blog, but then wearing the outfit. Thanks for the inspiration! I love that skirt!

    More Modern Modesty

  2. I've thought of wearing the outfit too! Just didn't have time this week!

  3. Loving this outfit and idea! I've been wanting a mannequin lately. Who knew all I had to do was put it on my Christmas list? Maybe next year, then.

  4. Christmas lists are magic!! ;)


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