What I Wore Sunday

Do you ever find a piece of clothing and automatically think of a million different ways to style it?
That's what I did when I saw this blush colored skirt from TJ Maxx.
{I'm not sure you can see the color correctly, I need to invest in a better camera}
I've seen so many maxi skirt ideas lately, that when I saw this, I couldn't pass it up.
 I literally tried to walk away several times, and kept going back to see it. Ha! 
I tried it on, and loved the fit and the draping of it. So, so pretty! 
Normally I would wait until Spring to pull it out of my closet, but I was too impatient. 
My self discipline skills are really showing through, huh?
 An intervention may be needed at some point in my life. 
I promise that I am a responsible person! 

This Sunday, I paired the skirt with my old cobalt blue top from Forever 21, 
and my faithful nude Guess heels. 
 I think I will use the rest of my styling ideas in the Spring, when the weather permits more options.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday. Mine was spent with my family celebrating my a parent's and sister's anniversaries, along with my birthday. My boyfriend was visiting  for the weekend, and that made me pretty happy too. :) Have a great start of the week!



  1. love it! Happy Birthday :)

  2. Super cute! You are a true fashionista, I pretty much wear whatever pops in my head breaking most seasonal rules lol

  3. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Love the skirt!

    I have a similar one in black from Target. Comes in about six colors! :)


  4. @CQ, thank you!

    @Diana, lol you are too funny. You always look adorable!

    @Typahnie, thanks! I don't know that I've seen the skirts at Target. They sure have been carrying a lot of them lately though, lucky for us :)


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