What I Wore Sunday

I call this H&M sweater my Prince Charming sweater, for obvious reasons. I love the shoulder detailing, and I kind of feel like I'm just playing dress up by wearing it. I cleaned out of my closet this weekend {I have FOUR trash bags full of clothes and accessories ready for a garage sale/Goodwill}, and pulled out this gem from the back. Lovely, isn't it?
 We have finally been having some beautiful, sunny weather, so it was nice to not have to bundle up on a Sunday morning. 
I'd take rain any day, but Lord knows that getting dressed for the rain can be quite the task.
 I'm very proud of my envelope clutch and heels, both from Target. If you haven't been there lately, they are having some AH-mazing sales right now! Why, oh why Target gods! Why must I be tortured like this? 
I hope you had a good weekend! Other than deep cleaning, realizing that I need to invest in a good camera, and eating Life Cinnamon cereal, mine was pretty wonderful.



  1. LOL I laugh when I read your blog because we are very much the same in plenty o'ways.

    Firstly, I had the striped version of this H&M blouse and I just realized I...GASP...sold it! WAHHHHH! Sometimes I get sad when I realize I get rid of things I should have kept. Ah, well.

    SECONDLY, TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to stay away from that place. Now I find myself in their home goods section in addition to loading up on junk in the accessories and clothing sections. Argh.


    More Modern Modesty

  2. Love this! Just gorgeous!

    You should consider opening an online store ;)


  3. Ah, I love your prince charming top! And I wish I lived even a bit closer...I'd love to relieve you of your unwanted garments ;)


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