Mannequin Series: Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

This week I am debuting a beautiful blue dress that I found thrifting in San Francisco last summer. 
I have been singing its praises since the very moment I grabbed it off the rack.
I walked into one of the best vintage/thrift shops in San Francisco, where everything was organized by decade. This was hanging in the 70's section, and oh, did I fall in love. The vibrant color, the buttons, the beautiful sleeves. I noticed it had a couple of spots, but that was nothing a good trip to the dry cleaners wouldn't do.
I attempted to get my pretty, strawberry blonde, blue eyed friend to buy it {because she would look ooohmazing in it}, but she wasn't interested. Crazy, right? My only drawback? It was just another dress I would need to get hemmed. 
Sometimes that really throws my purchase choices off. 
Time to pick up some sewing skills I think?

It is a dress by H&M, but was hanging  It is similar to this dress that I wore for a What I Wore Sunday post. They must have come from the same line, because they are very similar.

I am still waiting for the perfect occasion to wear this dress. But for now, it's hanging out in the open where I can see it. Sometimes it's just nice to see something pretty.


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