Elie Saab: S/S 2013

Last year I posted my favorites from Elie Saab's summer/spring collection. Darling, dream dresses weren't they? Classic and beautiful. This year I was on the lookout for his new collection! Not because I am so runway savvy, I actually don't pay a whole lot of attention to the runways. Pinterest just brings us common folk up to speed. ;) Aaaand almost two months after NYFW, I am just coming around. There you have it.

On to Elie Saab...

I love the modest selections throughout his line. Here are a few of my favorites from this years Spring/Summer collection:

 These need no accessories or complicated hairstyles. They are beauties of their very own. 
Loving this red! I need a good red dress in my life.
 The nude and detail are GORGEOUS. 

Did you come across these on Pinterest? Add me to see more of my favorites!



  1. Lovely dresses! And I too have been on the hunt for a good red dress.

  2. @Diana, I don't think I've ever actually owned a red dress. Next thrifting trip! :)


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