There's a Pattern

Have ever looked in your closet and realized that you buy the same thing over and over again? 
As I was getting ready for church yesterday, I noticed that a lot of my blouses 
were very similar in style and texture.
Sheer, lace, pastels...

It used to be that I owned a lot of stripes and solid colors.
Well, I guess you would say that I still prefer solid colors.
{trying to get out of that! See my spring wish list}.

Some of these you have probably seen in Sunday outfit posts, like this one.

Aaaaand I've been through Forever 21 many, many times...I just find pretties, ya know?
Who can resist?

I'm planning on wearing these out, I couldn't possibly bear to part with any of them just now!
What patterns do you find in your closet? Some people are dress addicts, others are shoe addicts.
Don't even get me started on colored pencil skirts {ah!}



  1. I'm definitely a dress addict! I do have my share of vintage blouses.

  2. Hmm. Skirts. Pencil skirts preferable. In a variety of prints and colors. I just can't get enough. I counted about two weeks ago and had 75. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More Modern Modesty

  3. I would have to say pretty skirts and blouses are my addiction. I've also got a wishlist a mile long for F21. :)

  4. @Diana I love all of your vintage dresses! If I ever end up in Chicago, I know who to call for thrift stores! :)

  5. @Chandra 75?! Holy cow!

  6. @Michelle don't we all? ;)

  7. I have a dangerous fetish for dress jackets (or blazers, whatever you prefer to call them) in a variety of colors cuts and textures. I especially love lace ones and own about every color. I like unlined ones too for layering. I also have a shoe fettish but I am slowly getting over that one. I suffered from a purse addiction too but I got over that as well when I got rid of a lot of purses and started carrying only a couple coach bags. I still love finding little unique bags while thrifting.


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