What I Wore Sunday

This weekend I spent planning and preparing a surprise {which turned out not to be a surprise. Whoops on someone!} 50th birthday party for my mom. It turned out to be a wonderful party, the ladies at my church did such a beautiful job the entire afternoon.
 The top I'm wearing is from Ross, on a last minute trip while out around town. It was on the sale rack, and I knew it would be perfect for spring and summer this year. I adore this coral color, and am becoming more of a  pastel lover. 
My heels are from Nine West, an old pair that I dug out of the back of my closet. Ah!  
Sometimes I wonder why I go shopping in the first place.
....what? Who said that?
The purse I am using is thrifted, when I found it I thought it was so unique! It looks like someone took an old woven purse, painted it white, and the chain gold. Goodie for me! When I originally checked out, the cashier didn't charge me, so I had to go back and pay. She gave me a discount, so I got a better deal that I had planned! A definite plus. 

Top, Ross
Skirt, Target
Heels, Nine West
Purse, thrifted

I hope you had a beautiful weekend!


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  1. I have that skirt from Target too and maybe a few , ok a lot more. I LOVE TARGET. I also love finding unique little bags from thrift stores. They are always the best.


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