What I Wore Sunday

This weekend I needed a little retail therapy, so off I went to our famous outlet stores + a couple of thrift shops. I was browsing Goodwill and came across this modest LBD {little black dress}. The funny thing is, I pulled this same dress off of the rack last time I was at Goodwill about a month ago 
I had originally left it at the store because it was last on the list from my "to buy" pile. Buuuuttt I regretted that decision, so I gave it a go this time.
Dress, thrifted--Target brand
Envelope clutch, Target
Heels, Target

 And the other funny thing? It's a maternity dress! Before you laugh, I just want to take a second and complain. The pregnant women get all of the cute clothes! I can't tell you how many times I've been browsing the clearance rack at Target and come across a dress I love, only to find out it's from the maternity section. Well, that shall happen no longer, I've given in. The only drawback I find is that the dress is a little longer in the front {duh}. 
 The length, sleeves, and neckline are perfect, so I think it was $6 well spent. Also, it will still fit when I have a child in 20 years, so that's another plus. 

I can't be the only non-pregnant person to buy a maternity dress. Has anyone else out there ever done the same thing?



  1. YES! Liz Lange maternity is awesome; I usually stock up on her maternity line at Goodwill. I've bought a few dresses and several tops. I usually order a size down so the clothes aren't too bulky. I've also had my eye on some dresses from ASOS' maternity line.

  2. Chandra, Yay! Glad I'm not the only one. They just brought in some awesome maxi dresses at Target, I'm waiting for them to hit clearance!

  3. Hi found you on Blue Eyed Beauty blog. Love the dress. So cute and I love thrift shopping. It's the best. So funny that you mentioned it is a maternity dress. I just so happen to be wearing a skirt I found at Target a week or so ago. It is oh so cute and it happens to be maternity and I am not pregnant either. I just liked it. It fits perfectly and no one knows maternity unless I tell them, hahahaha.

  4. Hi Sheila! Thanks for visiting! :)

    So funny! I was talking to my boyfriend last night and he was like, whyyyy are you talking about maternity dresses?! Haha! Silly boys. They have all the cute stuff, don't they?


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