Product Review: Elegantees

This week I received a little pretty in the mail from Elegantees. is a company that promotes modesty with the mission of fighting human trafficking. 
You can read more about their mission here.

I was delighted when they asked me to sample one of their pieces.
 I paired it with a suuuper comfy and easy black maxi skirt that I recently bought at H&M. 
It. Has. Pockets. Yes!!

Cardi, thrifted
Top, Elegantees
Maxi skirt, H&M

I loved the detailing on my top, it adds a little pizzazz to the neckline. Also, it was high enough that I didn't have to wear another shell underneath, which was nice.

And the color? One of my favorites this year! 

All in all, I was content with the top. My only advice in shopping Elegantees would be to watch the lengths of the garments. This particular top is very long on my short frame, so I had to tuck it in my maxi skirt. But if you're looking to shop for a simple {and modest!} summer tee and support a good cause, this would be a great place!



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