What I Wore Sunday

Would it be totally weird to say that I felt like a southern belle this Sunday?
 Like I should have walked around as Scarlett O'Hara saying, "Oh honey child, fiddlesticks!"...all southern belles say that, right? 
 I bought this Forever 21 skirt at Goodwill, for $7.00 with the original tags still on it. It was originally around $25-30, lucky for me! Our Goodwill was recently remodeled, and I've probably visited at least three times since. { Oh, dear } If anyone's near the South Bay, it's a pretty good thrift store if you care to visit. I'll be wearing another thrifted outfit next Sunday

Blouse, Burlington Coat Factory
Skirt, thrifted, originally from F21
Heels, Aldo

This week I cleaned out my closet a bit, and pulled out all my winter + fall sweaters. Oh, it was a sad day indeed. I even documented the event with a picture, just so I could remember. I'm looking forward to bringing them out again at the end of the year, but in the meantime, I'll enjoy summer. Maybe. 

I wore two full skirts this weekend, this outfit and the picture below that I posted on my Instagram. I wore this skirt sometime last year. They are so fun, but my new one is especially comfortable. I love the detailing! 

More to come this week, I hope you had a great weekend! Cheers to another Monday. 



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