What I Wore Sunday

Summer is in full swing and I must be on some sort of lucky streak when it comes to thrifting, because this weekend I wore yet another dress that I found at Goodwill. And I feel like I talk about thrift stores alllllll the time, and I'm constantly telling everyone I know how glorious our recently renovated thrift store is. No joke, I'm pretty sure I've told everyone who is anyone that loves shopping. Did I miss anyone?

A lady at my church called this my, "Lucy Dress", because it reminded her of Lucille Ball. I'm okay with that, I Love Lucy is one of my favorite shows. :) Anyway, this has got to be my favorite dress to date, it is so fun and fits perfectly!

I tried to pair a different belt at first, to add another element, but in the end decided the wrap around tie it came with looked best.

Lastly, my dress was modest and needed no adjustments! It had a peephole in the front, but it was nothing a simple tank top underneath wouldn't solve. Really, it was perfect and will be a great addition to my closet for summer.  

Dress, thrifted {brand is Nikki Poulos}
Purse, Aldo
Heels, Steve Madden

Happy Monday and I hope you had a good weekend!! 


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  1. Woohoo! Now that I don't live in San Jose anymore I don't go to the Gilroy/Morgan Hill thrift stores anymore. :( I might have to make a special trip this week!

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