Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'll be the first to admit that I over pack. Oh yeah, that's me! No shame.
 I need options, I cry without them. Should I consolidate?
Probably, and I am totally capable {promise!}.
 But when an airline allows me a suitcase up to 50 lbs, I don't mind living up to their standards.
Today my sisters and I are flying out east to Washington DC. 
Knowing it'll be scorching hot + humid, I packed all of my lightest clothes.
Packing modest clothing in summer doesn't have to be difficult because it's not!!
Thousands of women survive summer, so can we. :)

Here are my staples for a summer trip::

Sandals. I bought two pairs of sandals, one gold and the other silver.
I was looking for comfort so they ran at about $60.00 each.
The brand is Sofft, they are sooooo comfortable and I'm going to become a shoe snob.
I'm adding one pair of heels for the evening {just in case}.
Heels, Target
Sandals, Sofft
Dresses. I am specifically bringing a couple of dresses that need little to no layering.
 Who wants to layer in summer? Not me!
I had to shop around a little to find these modest dresses, and thankfully, they were pretty easy to find. Places like Old Navy, Ross,
 and Goodwill have plenty to choose from.

Old Navy
Skirts. I have one maxi skirt that I reeeeally love from H&M.
 It's black, and I tried to go back for another color, but my black will have to do.
 It's not heavy at all and has pockets {YES!! I wore it here}.
 I'll most likely wear it on the last day and home on the plane. 
Other than that, a couple of cotton/spandex knee length skirts will be perfect.
Jones NY, Ross 
Blouses. Cotton and sheer are my way, truth, and light............too much?? :)
 Mostly quarter length sleeves, on one long sleeve that can be rolled up or worn in evening.

TJ Maxx

 All of this went in my ridiculous bright pink suitcase, and off to DC!
Happy weekend! 

PS. Keep up with me on my trip on my Instagram!


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