Neon, Florals, and Music

Oh, happy July! We are halfway to Christmas!
 I told my boss that, and she told me not to bring it up again. Haha! 
This year is passing by so quickly.
Dustin and I spent Saturday evening with friends in San Francisco at a Jonathan Butler concert. 
If you don't know who he is, you can hear him here and here, or just search on YouTube like I did. :)
This was my second concert at Yoshi's, I love these events! 
I always walk away completely blown away by the music and talent that is simply overwhelming. 
Music is so powerful.
I wore a neon yellow skirt and a floral top for the occasion.
I'm really loving this neon, it was $10.00 on the sale rack at Target. 
Have you been there lately? They have lots of pretties on sale. 
My sister and I have been doing a lot of shopping for our Washington DC trip next week, 
knowing that East Coast summers are wayyyy different than California summers. 

Top, TJ Maxx
Skirt, Target
Sandals, Me Too at TJ Maxx

Close up of the print, it looks like a pretty watercolor doesn't it?

I don't think Dustin is accustomed to the city yet....;) He prefers the country, I prefer the city. Oh, dear.

I'm really so glad I went, it was a wonderful evening.
Have a great Monday!



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