D.C. Adventure

Last week my sisters and I, along with my sweet nephew, headed to Washington D.C. to visit my fabulous aunt Emma and to see the sights. Oh, we had a grand time. Aaaand let me just say that I love California. As much as I think I could live in New York or another big city, I would definitely miss my home. I think I'm happy just visiting other parts of the country. :) {I hope those words don't come back to bite me one day} I did love D.C. though. It was busy, full of history {isn't it so fun to see things you've only ever studied growing up?}, and they have some amaaaaazing restaurants! And I lost weight! Yes, very good trip.
We traveled by bus, train, and our legs. Boy did we walk!
My sister said she walked to work the day after we were back and it just wasn't the same.
I could totally do that every day if I lived in such a city! Maybe.
 I know my boyfriend is just rolling his eyes at that statement saying, "Oh, you're so tough!". 
I am tough Dustin, I am tough.
On the other hand I would really miss singing in my car on the way to work...that's the best part of my day.
I finally wore a dress that I bough a few weeks ago. 
It is yet again, thrifted, and I just couldn't pass it up! 
 The brand is the J. Peterman Company from way back when. I looooove a good vintage dress!
It is probably my favorite dress to date.
 I have to say that the Lincoln Monument and the National Portrait Gallery were my favorite parts of the trip. 
They are so beautiful, I was just blown away.
So much to take in and so much to reflect on. 
My sister and I came to the realization that Abe and my dad look very similar around the eyes
 that's probably why I liked his portrait so much.
The evenings were PERFECT. Does this not look like the perfect evening walk?!
Overall we had a fantastic trip. If you follow me in Instagram or Facebook, you'll know that I saw
much more than I posted here, including wearing two different colored sandals. Sheesh.
I still haven't fully recovered on sleep.
And let's just not bring up the subject of unpacking. Okay? Okay. 
A big thanks to my fabulous aunt {who is truly FAB} for all she did for us!

Happy Friday!


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