What I Wore Sunday

I hope everyone had a great extended holiday weekend! How was your 4th of July?
I had to go back to work on Friday, but the day passed quickly and I got right back to my weekend!
The last couple of weeks seem to have been really busy for me, so a long weekend was nice.
Now I need a weekend from my weekend. :)
This Sunday was a time for summer colors.
 I paired my green + white striped topped with my mustard yellow skirt, both from F21.
Aaaaaand spent ten minutes longer on my hair than usual.

I pulled these wedges out from the back of my closet (literally, I have never worn them before).
 To my surprise, they were comfortable. Which is probably why I bought them! 
Anyway, they were a great alternative to heels this week being that my left foot has been bothering me.
My shoulder is hurting as well...guyyyyyss I'm just falling apart in my young age!

I'm spending this week in preparation for my long weekend in Washington DC 
with my sisters and beautiful aunt! I am soooo ready for vacation!
 Since this is our first time to DC, I am open to any suggestions anyone has for sightseeing! 

Here's to another Monday and another full week ahead! 



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