A Late Sunday

Sunday was a very good day. It was the first day of Fall, it was gorgeous out, 
and my hair did what I wanted it to do. Oh, and it RAINED this weekend! Oh, how I missed that.
I think another Fall wish list is in order soon! 

The dress I'm wearing is from Old Navy, I bought it a couple years ago. 
It is sleeveless and has absolutely no shape, so I knew that a belt and good blazer would compliment it nicely. 
I've always liked it for its simplicity and neutral color. 

And my heels? I've been waiting for Fall to pull them back out again. I've worn them once before in this post.

And the MOST exciting news of all..Dustin and I are engaged! This is what made Sunday even better.
 I still can't get over my excitement.  While we've discussed/planned for this next step, I can't believe it's finally here. He couldn't have been more sweet, or nervous (teehee!), in his proposal. I am beyond happy and so thankful for this amazing, wonderful man that I get to spend forever with. This picture was taken right after he asked, and after I shouted, "Yay, yay, yay, yay!" 

Thank you to everyone who sent over congratulations via Facebook and Instagram!

Wearing: Old Navy dress, thrifted blazer, thrifted belt, heels are from Marshall's, Steve Madden purse


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