What I Wore Sunday

 Running out the door on Sunday morning, because I'm always running on Sunday morning, my mom stopped me told me that my dress reminded her of the styles she wore when she was younger. She thought I would be offended, but I said no and said, "It's the circle of life, Mother!" 

How do you feel about wearing clothes from another generation?  I found an old suit in my mom's closet that I am itching to try on! I think its quite amusing that trends and styles cycle back around. There's people I follow on Instagram who make a living off of selling used and high quality vintage pieces. How awesome is that?
I picked up this dress at Savers {another thrift store} on Labor Day weekend. 
I thought it was a cute little blue number,
 and thankfully found a short checkout line in that crazy busy store.
I'm not hardcore when it comes to holiday shopping, if the line is too long, 
I'm more likely to put items back on the rack.  
Black Friday for example? Not my day!

Did you have a good weekend? I spent mine at a good friend's beautiful wedding.
My sister was their wedding singer {you can see a short clip here} so we made a road trip out of it and drove up the night before. It was such a good day, I love weddings!

Have a happy Monday lovelies!

Wearing: Thrifted dress, Norma Kamali heels, Betsey Johnson clutch purse 


  1. What thrift stores do you shop at? cause the ones by me never have cute things like the cute finds that you blog about.

  2. I love this color blocked look!! Beautiful!!

    (Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss)

  3. Cassandra, mostly at Goodwill. This particular dress was from Savers thrift store. Sometimes I go to Salvation Army, and you can watch for their sale days to get clothing even cheaper. :) And when I browse, I go through every hanger on the rack. The gems are always hidden!


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