What I Wore Sunday

I am so happy that it's finally November. Every day we are getting closer to the holiday season, and that makes me excited! And if you happen to be riding in my car and hear Christmas music playing...don't expect any apologies. What, it's November! Close enough. And I might have even started listening in October, but I won't admit to that publicly. Sometimes I think that the older I get, the more I love the holiday season. Maybe I'll be one of those crazy ladies who goes all out in decorating! Maaaaybe. Yes. That'll be me. 

I wore orange and emerald green this Sunday, I love this combination! I was telling a friend at church that I was originally wearing brown suede heels but decided the outfit looked very carrot like. 
So on the gold heels went!

I gathered color inspiration from this picture and this picture on Pinterest. So Fall, right? 

Hope you had a good weekend! 

Wearing: F21 blouse, Apt. 9 from Kohl's skirt, thrifted purse, Sam Edelman heels 



  1. I love that blouse. It it all connected like that? Its neat how it hangs. Excellent color combo. I have a lot of that color on top but need more of the orange color.


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